Why St. Marys, Ontario?

St. Marys, Ontario has close ties with the beginning of baseball in Canada. One of St. Marys’ early settlers, Dr. Adam Ford, wrote an article that was published in a magazine called American Sporting Life in 1886 that described a game played in the nearby community of Beachville between Beachville and Zorra Township that closely resembled baseball in its current form. Ford later organized a baseball league in St. Marys and was a Doctor and the Mayor of St. Marys. Purchase a book called Baseballs Creation Myth that discusses this topic HERE.

The second main reason the Hall of Fame is in St. Marys is because the St. Marys Cement Company donated 32 acres of land to the Hall of Fame.

The St. Marys Rotary Club was the first club to join hands with the Hall of Fame and help establish what we have today. Still today the Rotary Club helps with numerous volunteer hours and cash donations.

Also, a local firm called The St. Marys Wood Speciality Company added the production of baseball bats to its product line at the turn of the 20th century and the wood speciality company stayed in St. Marys until the early 1930’s when it moved to Hespeler, Ontario (Cambridge area). The St. Marys bat became very popular and well known throughout the country and was the forerunner of the Cooper bat now used in the major leagues. Today you can find information about this company inside the Subway store on James St.

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