Help the Hall of Fame win $10,000 from Dowler Karn

The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Marys exists so that Canadians and visitors to Canada value baseball and benefit from our contributions to community and economic development, education and healthy lifestyles.

Currently, we are going through a complete renovation of our museum space to create better awareness, preservation for the great sport and culture of baseball, beautification of the museum and creation of new space for shows and events.

Our goal is to be completed by spring of 2019 and host our grand opening. We are asking for $10,000 to accomplish a few projects including a soothing garden outside the front doors of the museum and furnishings and exhibit cases for our auditorium/multi purpose room that will allow us to host shows and events. This will create a better visitor experience for the arts lover, sports enthusiasts and help beautify the “first impression” landscape.

Click link below, then register, then click on “sponsor this project”. Deadline Aug 17.