Baseball hall of fame


It’s a great time to be both a fan of baseball and a member of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum! 

2019 was a transformative year for us in our newly expanded museum  and we look forward to building on that momentum for 2020 with new programming initiatives, continued collections work with our precious artifacts, Induction weekend (June 18 – 20) and many other great events.

Additionally, we are excited about the bright future for our 2019 James Tip O’Neill award winner Mike Soroka and all the young Canadian talent.

We also take time to remember our inductees, Jim McKean (2004) and the AAGPBL’s Betty Dunn, Terry Donahue, Margaret Maxwell and Colleen McCulloch (1998) who passed away in 2019.  We continue to reflect on and celebrate their impact on Canadian baseball and the Hall of Fame.

The purpose of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame has never been more evident than it is now as we remember the contributions to the growth and development of baseball.  The legacy will remain in our museum forever, thanks to our many supporters.

We truly appreciate your support and trust that we can count on you to join our team for 2020, which promises to be an exciting year as we continue to operate our new museum and establish new programming events.

Please complete the membership form online HERE or if you wish a copy to print out and mail click HERE. All levels of membership receive a partial income tax receipt among the many other benefits as outlined on the form.

Please contact us if you wish further information and thank you in advance for your 2020 membership.