Jersey – Roy Halladay

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Chatham Coloured All-Stars jersey, autographed by Roy Halladay. 2002.

This jersey commemorates the Chatham Coloured All-Stars team, which played in the 1930s and won the OBA Championship in 1934. On Sunday July 15, 2001 in a special tribute to the Negro leagues and their contribution to baseball, the Toronto Blue Jays wore Chatham All-Stars replica jerseys in a game at Shea Stadium against the New York Mets, who wore the jerseys of the New York Cubans. In 2002, the Blue Jays paid tribute to the All-Stars by wearing their replica jerseys in a home game in July against Boston. Descendants of some of the All-Stars were featured at the game, with the last two surviving members, Sagasta Harding and Don Tabron, throwing the opening pitch, along with Earl “Flat” Chase’s son, Horace.