The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame has a wide variety of merchandise to purchase that will satisfy all your baseball needs.  We have clothing, books, autographed merchandise, memberships and other fantastic items.



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  1. Devon Bergey

    Hi I was wondering if you have Canadian baseball hall of fame baseballs for sale if so could you send me a picture of one I would like to purchase one and if so could I get one ship to me in the U.S.?

  2. Tom Campbell

    I would like to know the price of Induction Baseball cards for Pat Gillick, Paul Beeston & Tom Cheek. Let me know. Thanks.

  3. Warren Norton

    Please acknowledge Vlad for his leadership contribution to cultural diversity. Also to the city of Montreal for their beautiful reception of mionority players such as Vlad, Coco Laboy and of course Jackie Robinson,. Vlad is truly Canada’s first 40-40 man as he was robbed of his 40th home run by an umps human error. I vigourously suggest the HOF make this correction in Canadian record books!

    Please acknowledge Roy Hallady for his leadership contribution for removing the stgima of male mental health issues. He set a wonderful example of two way respect that brought out the best in people including AJ Burnett and many major league umpires. We salute you Roy!

    Please pass these comments on to Vlad and Roy as I am unable to attend the June 24, 2017 ceremony in Stone Town.

  4. Rick Bell

    I have received from my father a baseball bat from the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame June 22 2002 Induction ceremony in St. Marys Ontatio..
    It is a Limited Edition bat signed by Paul Beeston, Cito Gaston, Don McDougall, David Shury (wife signed), Harry Simmons and Bill Slack.
    Do you have a value of what it is worth?


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