Without Charles Bronfman’s dedication and commitment, it’s unlikely that major league baseball would be played in Canada today. The Montreal native was chairman of the board and principal owner of the Expos from the club’s inception until it was sold to a consortium in 1991. During his ownership tenure, Bronfman evolved into an influential baseball man, serving on numerous decision-making committees. In 1982, he served as an advisor to commissioner Bowie Kuhn and was instrumental in bringing that season’s All-Star game to Olympic Stadium – the first time the midsummer classic was contested outside of the United States.

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  1. Philip Lowry

    For my book International Baseball, I am hoping to discover the attendance figures for the following individual games in Canada:

    Edmonton, Alberta – 1981 – Intercontinental Cup 32 games

    Edmonton, Alberta – 1985 – Intercontinental Cup 32 games

    Edmonton, Alberta – 1990 – World Cup 53 games

    Edmonton, Alberta – 2012 – Women’s World Cup 15 games

    Mississauga, Ontario – 2001 – Women’s World Series 4 games

    Moncton, New Brunswick – 1973 – Intercontinental Cup 22 games

    Montreal, Quebec – 1973 – Intercontinental Cup 10 gsmes

    St. Marys, Ontario – 2001 – Women’s World Series 3 games

    Toronto, Ontario – 2001 – Women’s World Series 7 games

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