Paul BeestonAfter graduating from Welland High & Vocational School, Paul Beeston obtained a bachelor of arts degree, majoring in economics and political science, from the University of Western Ontario in 1968. He was promptly hired by Coopers & Lybrand in London and received his chartered accountant designation in 1971.

Beeston remained employed with the London firm until he was hired by the Toronto Blue Jays as their first employee on May 10, 1976. Initially the vice-president of administration, Beeston was promoted to vice-president of business operations with the club the following year. His rise through the Jays’ ranks continued when he was named executive vice-president of business in 1984 and president and chief operating officer (CEO) in 1989. On December 13, 1991, he was appointed the chief executive officer of the franchise, overseeing the Jays’ two World Series-winning teams.

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  1. gary mcmillan

    “Beestie” the sockless wonder. Every Blue Jays fan, indeed, every baseball fan in the Dominion of Canada owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Beeston. He is so much part of the fabric stiched into the success of the Toronto Blue Jays. His leaving left a vacuum in the hearts of many Jays followers; who would have liked Rogers to show some deserved class, beyond what he was accorded. But such is the world of pro sports. Pauls position has been filled by another, but not his sockless shoes.

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