Book Sale

As we continue to navigate through these times and the weather is becoming nicer it’s a great time to purchase yourself a new baseball book. Email or call 519-284-1838. Deadline is Monday, May 11 for the sale.

All these books are only $10 each for drop-off in St. Marys or $20 shipped outside of town, plus taxes. If you purchase two of these books you will receive a free autographed inductee card of your choice. (listed below).

Books $10 each:
-Goldie’s Curve Ball
-Remembering the Montreal Expos
-Ecstasy to Agony-The 1994 Montreal Expos
-Heros Bums & Ordinary Men
-A Boy Named Matt (Matt Stairs)
-The Good of the Game (Bruce Hood signed)
-Diamonds of the North
-Expos Inside Out

If none of the sale books interest you then take a look at some of our other sale prices for these newer books. Purchase one of these books and receive a free autographed inductee card of your choice (listed below). Prices are plus tax and shipping (no charge for drop-off in St. Marys).

-Baseball America Ultimate Draft book – 50 years – $44.99
-The 69 Cubs – $32.99 (signed by Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins)
-The Man who Made Babe Ruth – $33.99
-The Detroit Wolverines – $33.99
-George “Mooney” Gibson – $33.99
-Rock Solid – Tim Raines – $30.99
-Hello Friends – $30.95
-Split Season 1981 – $30.50
-The Tecumsehs of the International Association – $28.99
-Baseball’s Creation Myth – $28.99
-Expansion Baseball – $27.99
-Ossie and the Babe – $12.95

Pick from this list of great autographed inductee cards. Comes with letter of authenticity.
Gord Ash, Ray Carter, Murray Cook, Rheal Cormier, Peter Hardy (signed by wife), Ron Hayter, Bill Humber, JJ Lannin (signed by great-grandson), Doug Melvin, Don McDougall, Paul Quantrill, Gladwyn Scott, Sherry Robertson (signed by wife), David Shury (signed by wife), Harry Simmons (signed by grandson), Bill Slack, Bernie Soulliere, Howard Starkman, Rob Thomson, Doc Younker