On Friday, April 19 in Cincinnati the Hall of Fame presented Joey Votto with his 2012 James Tip O’Neill award for his outstanding season. On the road trip that included stops in Cleveland to visit Ryan Dempster (who plays for visiting Red Sox) and Pittsburgh to meet Russell Martin (who hit a HR that night) were Board Members John Starzynski and Phil Parkinson, Director of Operations Scott Crawford and Hall of Fame Volunteer Paul Podsadecki.

The Tip O’Neill Award is presented annually by the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame to the player judged to have excelled in individual achievement and team contribution while adhering to baseball’s highest ideals.

Gagnants précédents du trophée Tip O’Neill

1984-Terry Puhl

1985-Dave Shipanoff

1986-Rob Ducey

1987-Larry Walker

1988-Kevin Reimer

1989-Steve Wilson

1990-Larry Walker

1991-Daniel Brabant

1992-Larry Walker

1993-Rob Butler

1994-Larry Walker

1995-Larry Walker

1996-Jason Dickson

1997-Larry Walker

1998-Larry Walker

1999-Jeff  Zimmerman

2000-Ryan Dempster

2001-Larry Walker(tie)

2001-Corey Koskie (tie)

2002-Larry Walker(tie)

2002-Eric Gagne (tie)

2003-Eric Gagne

2004-Jason Bay

2005-Jason Bay

2006-Justin Morneau

2007-Russell Martin

2008-Justin Morneau

2009-Jason Bay

2010-Joey Votto

2011-John Axford (tie)

2011-Joey Votto (tie)

2012-Joey Votto