St. Marys – Gary Carter took the tough hops and thanked God for the compliment. He was an inspiration to Canadians and fans beyond our border, on the field, off the field, and throughout his final battle in our world against the demon of cancer. No matter what pitch was thrown at him, it was like “Kid” just kept fouling them off, refusing to give in, a hundred times over. He was a class act, a gentleman, a gamer, a leader, and a role model for youth who desired to play the game the way it should be played, with pride, passion, unbridled enthusiasm and pure joy. We are proud to have inducted Gary Carter into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, along with Dave McKay, in 2001, and we are thankful that he now rests in a place where he no longer suffers. Due to the bond he had with his precious family, his legacy will live on through his amazing children, Christy, Kimmy and D.J. Due to the bond he had with Canadians, his legacy as one of the cornerstones of the Montreal Expos franchise will live on through his tens of thousands of fans in Montreal, throughout the province of Quebec, and all the way to each coast. Every guest who visits our museum will re-live Gary Carter’s infectious style and his tremendous positive impact on Canadians.

— Tom Valcke, President & CEO