The second Canadian Baseball History Symposium will be held in St. Marys, Ontario, home of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, on the weekend of November 18e and 19e, 2017. Please join us for two days of research presentations and panel discussions concerning Canadian baseball.

Consider this is a preliminary call for papers on any topic related to the historical development of baseball in Canada: any era, and any part of the country. Presentation slots are typically 30 minutes in length, so your presentation should span 20-25 minutes, allowing an additional 5-10 minutes for questions and discussion. Please be aware that we hope to publish the proceedings of the Symposium, so we will ask you to sign a simple Permission to Publish note.

If you have a favorite topic that you’ve been working on, or if you’re seeking a platform for some old-fashioned stump oratory, we’d love to hear from you. Please send a short abstract (say 100 words or so) to Andrew North at [email protected]; we’ll impose a more strict deadline at a later date.

We’d appreciate your forwarding this notice to anyone else you feel might be interested, and look forward to seeing a number of you in November.