William "Hipple" Galloway
Élu: 13 octobre 2021
Date d'intronisation : 16 novembre 2021
Date et lieu de naissance : 24 mars 1882 à Buffalo, New York
Position : Outfielder, 2nd base
Frappe de la : droite
Lance de la : gauche
Carrière : 1899 à 1901
Équipes : Baines de Woodstock, Cuban X Giants

William “Hipple” Galloway

Born March 24, 1882 in Buffalo, N.Y., Galloway was the son of Ontario-born parents and he moved to Dunnville, Ont., at the age of six. In Canada, he developed into a gifted player on integrated teams. He played with Dunnville in 1897-98. He joined the Woodstock Bains Canadian League team in 1899. At that time, the Canadian League was a recognized minor league under the umbrella of organized baseball and Galloway became the first black Canadian to play organized baseball. However, when several white teammates objected to his presence, he was forced to leave the team. He then played for the Cuban X Giants in 1903, a black barnstorming team, with his hopes for a career in mainstream baseball dashed. He died on February 17, 1943 in Buffalo, N.Y.


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