The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is located in St. Marys, Ontario. The Hall of Fame and Museum commemorates great players, teams, and accomplishments of baseball in Canada. The Museum was founded in November 1982 in Toronto at Exhibition Place and later moved to Ontario Place theme park. In August 1994, it was awarded to St. Marys, Ontario and in June 1998 the doors officially opened in St. Marys.  The Hall of Fame and Museum is dedicated to preserving Canada’s baseball heritage which dates back to June 4, 1838, when a game of baseball was played in Beachville, Ontario; and even further back to the late 1700’s when baseball was mentioned in New Brunswick. The CBHFM annually hosts 700+ kids’ events on site and have developed to include baseball fields, museum space and trails. The Hall of Fame hosts an annual Induction Ceremony to recognize those who have contributed to the development of Canadian baseball.


A culture which champions education, respect, diversity and healthy lifestyles across generations.



The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Marys, Ontario exists so that Canadians and visitors to Canada value baseball and benefit from our contributions to community and economic development, education and healthy lifestyles.



  1. Contribute to the ongoing development of baseball in Canada.
  2. Provide a supportive environment for youth education.
  3. Encourage personal growth through leisure experiences.



Sportsmanship – We constantly encourage and engage in fair play in all that we do. We respect those with whom we work, play and partner. We commit to being gracious and kind in victory and defeat.

Integrity – We consistently act with truth and honesty, striving to build good character and a sterling reputation.

Education – We teach skills and life lessons on and off the field. We provide engaging learning opportunities and a supportive and encouraging learning environment for visitors, volunteers and staff.

Health and safety – We protect the physical safety and emotional well-being of all stakeholders by providing safe environments and cautious risk management.

Excellence – We honour those who have performed with distinction. We also strive to be the best that we can be, and to bring out the best in others.

Inclusion – We embrace diversity and encourage participation of all Canadians regardless of ethno-cultural heritage, economic status, gender, age, physical abilities, and development levels.

Fiscal responsibility – We strive for financial sustainability, we proactively plan and monitor operating and capital budgets. We are transparent and accountable in all matters.

Partnership – We believe that our combined efforts are greater than those we could achieve through our own pursuits. We work cooperatively with others in order to achieve shared aspirations for the benefit of our communities