Randy Echlin

Lifetime Volunteer achievement award

Presented annually by the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame to a volunteer that has shown dedication, passion and support towards the museum.

The Director of Operations provides the Board of Directors with a list of candidates during their spring board meeting. The announcement and presentation takes place during the annual induction ceremony in June.

Randy Echlin was a lifelong volunteer with the Hall of Fame. He was on the Board of Directors since the early 1980’s including Chair of the Board from 1999-2001. Randy then became Chair of the Selection committee in 2002 until his passing in 2011.


AWARD Winners

Doug Goudy and Rod Betteridge

Doug is a proud member of the St. Marys Rotary Club and our volunteer Site Supervisor since the early 2000’s. Doug attention to detail and unwaivered dedication to our beautiful 32 acre site shows when you look around.

His knowledge and experience with soils, grass and equipment from his many years of farming have come to great use in making our 4 ballfields as amazing as they are. With about 1000 events on our site each season there is non-stop work needed and Doug is always up to the task.

One of the best things Doug did was bring on board Rod Betteridge, Rod hasn’t been around the Hall of Fame as long as Doug, but since he has been on site his expertise and knowledge of equipment, fertilizer and how to get things accomplished has been invaluable. People ask how we keep the site looking so fantastic and our answer is Doug and Rod. If you can’t find these guys volunteering their time here on site, then you know for sure they are at the golf course.

In recognition of their many contributions to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, we are delighted to present both Doug Goudy and Rod Betteridge with the 2021 Randy Echlin Lifetime Volunteer Award.  Thank you and congratulations!


AWARD Winners

2021 Doug Goudy and Rod Betteridge
Tammy Adkin
Tony Little and Bob Stephens
 John Starzynski
2017  Andrew North
2016  not awarded
2015  Ben Waghorn
2014  Charlie Hammond
2013  Nelda Oliver
2012  Randy Echlin
2011  Ron Marriott
2010  Greg Sorbara
2009  Rose McCoomb, John Harlton, Greg Valcke, Ron Plaquet
2008  Dick MacPherson
2007  Al Hart
2006  Georgina Smith, Carl McCoomb