Jason BayJason Bay (Trail, B.C.) has joined an exclusive Canadian MLB club. On Sunday, June 27th Jason got a base hit against the Minnesota Twins to register his 1000th career base hit. His team the NY Mets are sending the Hall of Fame an autographed baseball bat labeled “27/06/10 – 1000th base hit – Jason Bay”

Jason has become the  10th Canadian in MLB history to collect 1000 career base hits!

Larry Walker 2160

George Wood 1467

Jeff Heath 1447

Tip O’Neill 1386

Terry Puhl 1361

Matt Stairs 1342

Jack Graney 1178

Bill Phillips 1130

Frank O’Rouke 1032

Jason Bay 1000

In 5 more games Jason will also play in his 1000th career game. A feat that only 12 other Canadians have accomplished.