THe jays of 1993

The 1993 Toronto Blue Jays roster saw many of the athletes who had contributed to their 1992 win, but with some significant changes. Ten players left during the off-season, including closer Tom Henke, designated hitter Dave Winfield, and starting pitchers Jimmy Key and David Cone, all of whom had been instrumental to the 1992 win. On the other hand, several stars signed on to fill in the gaps, including starting pitcher Dave Stewart and designated hitter Paul Molitor. 

What the team lost in pitching and defense they made up for in offense, forming a solid team with the express purpose of winning a second World Series. In fact, the Jays’ starting lineup was so feared that it was dubbed the nickname “WAMCO” for players Devon White, Roberto Alomar, Paul Molitor, Joe Carter and John Olerud.

A baseball bat signed by Toronto Blue Jays Devon White, Roberto Alomar, Paul Molitor, Joe Carter and John Olerud, together dubbed “WAMCO.”

The 1993 roster included a single Canadian: outfielder Rob Butler, who was born in East York, Ontario. Several players have been inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in the ensuing years, including Roberto Alomar, Joe Carter, Carlos Delgado, Tony Fernández, Pat Hentgen, John Olerud and Duane Ward, as well as the team’s manager Cito Gaston. The photo gallery below shows the complete 1993 team. 


41 Pat Hentgen – Hall of Famer
31 Duane Ward – Hall of Famer
44 Scott Brow
49 Tony Castillo
50 Danny Cox
46 Ken Dayley
48 Mark Eichorn
32 Huck Flener
66 Juan Guzmán
34 Dave Stewart
28 Al Leiter
26 Doug Linton
47 Jack Morris
54 Woody Williams
40 Mike Timlin
30 Todd Stottlemyre


6 Carlos Delgado – Hall of Famer
10 Pat Borders
27 Randy Knorr


9 John Olerud – Hall of Famer
1 Tony Fernández – Hall of Famer
12 Roberto Alomar – Hall of Famer
4 Alfredo Griffin
5 Domingo Martínez
13 Luis Sojo
19 Paul  Molitor
22 Dick Schofield
33 Ed Sprague
70 Domingo Cedeño


2 Rob Butler – Canadian
29 Joe Carter – Hall of Famer
11 Darnell Coles
14, 24 Rickey Henderson
14 Darrin Jackson
21 Willie Cañate
24,16 Turner Ward
25 Devon White
56 Shawn Green

managers and Coaches

Cito Gaston – Hall of Famer
Bob Bailor
Galen Cisco
Rich Hacker
Larry Hisle
Nick Leyva
John Sullivan
Gene Tenace