Pedro Martinez update for Induction weekend

Watch Pedro Martinez statement here.

We received word that with great regret, Pedro Martinez is unable to attend the Induction weekend in person. Pedro sent us this statement:

Please accept my sincere apologies for not attending the 2018 Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Weekend.  I am currently dealing with a medical condition and have been advised by my medical staff not to travel.  While I expect a full and fast recovery, we must take these precautions with regards to travel.  Unfortunately, it is out of my control. I am frustrated that my absence will disappoint my fans from Canada.

The people of Montreal welcomed me from the moment I arrived. They provided me opportunity, support and loyalty.  They never rushed me and were always there to encourage me.

They impacted my heart so much that when I finally won the World Series, I wanted to share the championship with them.  Knowing that those loyal fans had lost their team, I wanted them to know that the trophy was a piece of them.

I am working with Scott Crawford and the members of the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame board to select a date when I can come to St. Marys and celebrate this great honor with you, the fans.

Congratulations to my fellow inductees, Lloyd Moseby and Bill Humber. I hope you enjoy a beautiful weekend in St. Marys.

Celebrities attending the induction day include 2018 inductees Lloyd Moseby and Bill Humber, plus Fergie Jenkins, Steve Rogers, Pat Gillick, Allan Simpson, Murray Cook, Ron Taylor, Paul Spoljaric, Billy Atkinson, Bill Lee, Larry Landreth, Howard Starkman, Duane Ward, Willie Upshaw and Kelly Gruber.

Please accept our apologies for this change and we look forward to seeing you Saturday!

Schedule for Induction day:
9am – ballgames start on the site
11am – merchandise, auctions, food and drinks open
1pm – Induction Ceremony
3:30pm – autograph session

*reminder that museum is closed for renovations.