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The Chicago Cubs’ historic World Series Championship this year demonstrates the magic that lies within the game of baseball.  I am not referring to Jason Heyward’s motivating speech during the rain delay in Game 7 or the improbable home run by 39-year old David “Grampa” Ross.  Both of those events will be talked about for many years, but the magic I am referring to lies within the hearts of the fans.  There were many videos of fans in their 80’s and 90’s, crying with joy while surrounded by their families.  There were fans in the streets of Chicago carrying photos of family members who were no longer alive to see history made.  One fan drove hundreds of miles to watch Game 7 at his father’s grave, because prior to his father’s death in 1980, he and his father had made a pact that when the Chicago Cubs finally played in a World Series, they would experience it together.  The number of emotional stories told like this are endless.

Induction ceremony setup

At the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, we strive to preserve the memories and stories that have made baseball just as magical here in our country.  It is our hope that when people visit the Museum in St. Marys, walk among our four ballfields, and attend our annual Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies, it will incite attendees to reflect on their own memories of the game of baseball and the loved ones that have shared those special moments with them.  To accomplish this goal, we need continued support from our loyal members and partners.  As we near our year-end, and make plans for 2017, please kindly consider making a donation in one of the following amounts: CLICK HERE TO DONATE

CBHFM Museum from outside* Your gift of $35 provides an hour of time to research, document and preserve key Canadian baseball moments

* Your gift of $75 contributes to an acquisition fund enabling us to collect unique artifacts

* Your gift of $125 buys protective packaging for precious baseball artifacts

* Your gift of $200 supports a school visit to the museum for children unable to afford admission fees

* Your gift of $500 helps fuels our outreach program so that we can share Canadian baseball experiences with people across the country

Thank you sincerely for considering a gift to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum.  With your support, we will continue to preserve and share memories that will inspire Canadians for generations to come. CLICK HERE TO DONATE