This Daignault Rolland glove features stitched fingers, a single tunnel net, and most distinctively of all, exterior heel padding.

This left-handed “Pitcher’s Choice” glove was produced by Daignault Rolland, a Montreal-based company registered in 1936. The glove was created early in the company’s history and probably dates no later than 1950. It is visually striking with its unusual exterior heel padding, which complements the padding already on the inside of the glove.

By the early 1990s, almost all baseball gloves on the Canadian market were produced by American companies and imported from Asia, with Daignault Rolland’s medium- to high-end gloves being the exception. Today, the company is mostly remembered for its hockey equipment donned by NHL stars. It was this hockey line which attracted the attention of American baseball titan Rawlings, which was eager to push into the then-expanding US hockey market. Rawlings purchased Daignault Rolland in 1997.