Simpson-Sears & Cooper

J.C. Higgins, as seen printed on the heel of this glove, was a Sears sporting goods trademark which was discontinued in 1962.

This right-handed fielder’s glove from circa 1952-1962 bears the logo of Simpson-Sears, a joint venture between department store titans The Robert Simpson Company (Simpson’s) and Sears, Roebuck and Company. Simpson’s was founded by Robert Simpson, a Scottish immigrant whose modest Newmarket, Ontario dry goods business eventually grew to become the only serious competitor of Eaton’s. As was typical of the department store model, Simpson-Sears sold a vast array of goods, including sports gear. 

Close examination reveals a Cooper Weeks logo on the button of this glove’s wrist strap. Cooper Weeks began life as General Leather Goods before it was purchased by Jack Cooper, a former Eaton’s leather goods department employee, and Cecil Weeks. The firm produced leather sporting goods including a variety of gloves, and with the purchase of Hespeler-St. Mary’s Wood Specialties Limited, also became a major producer of hockey sticks and baseball bats.