Wellinger & Dunn Leather Goods Limited was founded in Toronto as a sports gear company in 1906. In 1949 it created a new firm called Lannon & Wellinger Limited with Iowa’s Lannon Manufacturing Company Incorporated. They opened a factory that same year in Barrie, Ontario exclusively devoted to the manufacturing of baseballs and softballs for the Canadian market, employing men to operate its industrial machines as well as women to stitch balls both from home and at the plant. 

This circa 1930 Wellinger & Dunn catcher’s mitt features an impressively preserved label bearing the company’s name and “Winn Well” trademark inside a golden horseshoe. A Decker-style glove, it was constructed by stitching a glove to the back of a round pad which sat atop the palm of the hand. 

The company continues today as a well-known brand of mass-consumer hockey equipment under the name Winnwell, the moniker it has used to brand its products from inception.

Dating to circa 1930, this catcher’s mitt is an early artifact from Canadian heritage brand Winnwell.