A left-handed glove featuring a split finger design and a laced net between the forefinger and thumb

One of the oldest gloves in our collection, this brown fielder’s glove was produced by T. Eaton Company Limited (better known as Eaton’s) circa 1910-1920. Eaton’s was a ubiquitous department store and mail order business which sold everything from fur coats to furniture. Founded by Irish immigrant Timothy Eaton in 1869, the store boasted locations in every province at the height of its success and branded itself as part of Canada’s national identity. 

Eaton’s sold a variety of sporting goods, devoting a whole page to baseball in its 1913 catalogue, with: “dependable quality and material in baseball sundries.” Some of the materials it advertised would hardly be considered “dependable” by today’s standards, while others have fallen from fashion. For instance, one catcher’s mitt is described as being made from calfskin and “best quality asbestos,” while a fielder’s glove is made from horsehide. Today’s gloves are made from sturdy cowhide and sometimes plastic imitation leather.

Advertisements from Eaton’s spring and summer catalogue of 1913. Note the logos for Draper-Maynard Sporting Goods on both gloves. Based in New Hampshire, Draper-Maynard was one of the biggest manufacturers of sporting goods in the US in the 1920s.